Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend with J and B

When I went down to Southern for my spring break, I ran into Jen Biestek and Billy Snow and we decided that we, as New Englanders needed to get together this summer to hangout before we all headed our separate ways so this weekend that is what we did!

Billy met me in Vermont and we then drove the 3.5 ish hours down to Jen's house in Wallingford, CT. We arrived in good time, chatted for a bit when we got there, then decided to make our way to New Haven to go eat some yummy Ethiopian food! After a little bit of driving around we arrived at the restaurant  and had some pretty good grub! It was fun to teach billy some basic Ethiopian eating customs and words! We walked around the campus of Yale University for a bit after supper and then decided to swing by Jen's old high school so she could say hi to some people  that were working back stage of a school play. We decided to watch the play for a few minutes which happened to be  the Fiddler on the Roof! It was awesome! It was a neat blessing to watch the the Sabbath scene in the play especially!

We awoke to rain on Sabbath morning so our hopes of going for a hike were temporarily dashed. Instead we decided to dress up in our Ethiopian clothes and go to church, it was fun! Thankfully by the time we got back and ate lunch, the clouds decided to part and the sun decided to shine, so we went for a walk at Sleeping Giant state park! After a nice long hike we came back to Jen's place and made smoothies and pizza. We went downstairs and dug out all of her old childhood books and spent the rest of the evening reading stories aloud to each other, so awesome! It was a fun weekend and a blessing to spend time with good friends and get to know them a little better!


  1. it was, you should of been there! :-)

  2. I like the outfits! What kind of Ethiopian food is that?

  3. its good ethiopian food of course!! injera and wat!