Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flight of the Butterfly(s)!

Today was super cool! My good friend Temple came down for the day and agreed to run this race with me. I heard about it about a month ago and saw that it was a "costume race." We thought it would be fun to dress up but I am not sure we actually thought we would at first. After brainstorming for a bit we decided to dress like butterflies! It was soooo fun! How can you NOT have fun when you have brightly colored wings on your back and glitter on your face? My training has been minimal thanks to my busy teaching schedule but I managed to do pretty well. I figured Temple and I were just following Andrew Fisher's famous philosophy and pre race strategy of 'rest and relaxation':-)

Today's race was a first in many categories for me! It was the first time I have ever stopped taking my running seriously enough to dress up! It was also the first time I have ever run a race with snow on the ground! It was really fun to see all the other costumed runners. There was a fairy, a, pumpkin, a bumble bee, a cop, and other strange costumes that required much self interpretation. At the end they called out everyone to pick a raffle prize out of a large bag. Since Temple and I were the 2ND and 3rd people to register we got to pick 2ND and 3rd out of the bag! We both scored an awesome winter skull cap plus a couple other things at the end when they had extra just laying around! Overall the race was a nice change of know flying instead of running :-)

How else do you finish a race with wings on ? :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

October Snow!!

Saw my first New England snow flakes today and threw my first New England snowball! I also broke my record for the earliest I have ever seen snow in my entire life! I guess when you have lived in the south your entire life its not unusual :-)It may not be much but its still exciting and even better it is officially Christmas music season!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Character Building

Dealt with this scenario recently. Glad there are more better days then bad!