Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pretty PRAXIS Preparation


As I read over my PRAXIS standardized testing entry ticket, my mind swims through a torrential sea of thoughts, worries, names, terms, and educational theories that are essential to have engraved into my mind for passing the PRAXIS with success.With the knowledge of these names and theories the idea is that that I Jessica, will be able to graduate and become a better teacher. Wow, where would I be in my life without the stamp of approval from all the standardized test makers out there?

I will not rant because I did A-okay (Praise the Lord!) during the last round of PRAXIS torture, I mean testing, so I at least have a strong dose of confidence going into it. I just hope that God, the ultimate teacher, will give me the clarity of mind to remember just what influence people like Bandura, Dewey, Maslow, and Erikson have had in the world of education and psychology. Apparently without them we would be lost because of their contributions of social learning theory, experience learning, human development, and the hierarchy of needs, just to name a few! Lost I tell you!

More then knowing the in's and outs of constructivism, scaffolding, Hunter's Model, and all the assessment types, I hope that in the end after the PRAXIS exams are done, after student teaching is behind me, and after I graduate from SAU and (hopefully) receive my first teaching job, that I continue to seek something better. More meaningful.

I hope that someday I can truly be the teacher Jesus has called me to be.I want to be the type of teacher who truly cares for and inspires my students to strive to do their best and most importantly seek Jesus to be their master teacher for the rest of their lives. Therefore above everything else I desire to show others through my actions and words that Jesus has been my life guide. Through continuous and diligent note taking, meticulous study of God's assigned text book, attentiveness in what he teaches me in class, participating in hands on learning tasks, and asking him questions maybe, just maybe I will become a 4.0 pupil on the ultimate class roster.

By lunch time on Monday, PRAXIS will be done and over with and it will only be a short 4 week wait to see the results. In the meantime I know that I have more learning to do. After all, comprehending and mastering all that God has to teach me takes a long time. A lifetime. All I can say is thank goodness for a God that doesn't write standardized tests. What can get better then a class that offers endless grace and mercy for slacking off and flunked quizzes? A class based on practical life learning and doing. Where believing and taking to heart the teachings of the instructor are the requirements for passing the class. A teacher who's office door is always open for those students who seek his will. This class has no prerequisites necessary, just the desire for a brighter eternity.

I better get to class early from now on!