Monday, February 21, 2011

Running with the Flu

Well yesterday was a milestone race for me. It was the first race that I have run where I felt totally miserable before running. I woke up about every hour until about 4 am the night before throwing up and such but was was finally able to sleep until 8 am or so after that. I knew I had the Southern 6 trail run and I had been looking forward to this race for a long time. I went back and forth on if I should run or not but didn't make up my mind until eleven or so. It must of been a sudden surge of new found energy or perhaps it was the thought that I would be letting $30 go to waste if I didn't run.

I gathered my stuff, ate a tiny breakfast of toast and apple juice being thankful that it was willing to stay inside of me, and drove over to Southern. Once I got to the check in tent I debated one last time if I should run and alas I ignored my churning stomach and picked up my packet! I felt a bit better once it was time to start the race but I soon realized that it was purely pre race excitement. The starting siren went off and we headed for the woods!

To make a long story about running with the flu short, I gradually began to slow down with every step I took. I was in the lead of the women's pack for more then half the race but it felt like I was running in slow motion and that my feet were made of iron. It was so strange to get passed by so many people. The hills and trails that I almost effortlessly ran up a few days before felt steeper then ever! I tried to make my feet move faster but in the end I just ran slower, haha. I ended up finishing 3rd for the women, I was just glad to finish. I felt like I missed out on alot of the race atmosphere because I felt so icky. Anyways I stuck around long enough to collect my hand held water bottles (for finishing 3rd) and to take a few pictures with the winners. It was interesting to see how much I could push myself to run when I was not feeling my best. I am not sure I would run another race again if I had the flu, it was not really worth it. I am glad God gave me the strength to finish and that I am feeling better today!